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Introducing the Wild Grandma!

Who is Wild Grandma?

A BIG hello!

A little history

It’s the Wild Grandma here! I’m here to help you bring the mystery and magic of nature alive and teach you what you don’t learn in school. I want to help you find your inner happiness, enjoy wild experiences and have fun through discovering the wonders of nature.

All my wisdom comes from my bestest friends, Ollie the old oak tree, River Rabbit of Cloud and my little bear friends from Wild Bear Woods.

One of my favourite things to do is to talk to the Buzzards, the winged ones, the free spirits of the Sky. So, come and join me, watch my videos – learn to talk the Buzzard Talk, connect with nature and drum, dance, flourish and fly.

Discover nature with Wild Grandma at her home in the Wild Woods of Beartown.

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